What is RIFT Token?
RIFT is a project aimed at making one of the most robust networks
of all time even more private for companies & the day to day user.
RIFT stands for Ring-signature Infrastructure For Tokens.

How do I receive RIFT Tokens?
There a many ways to get RIFT Tokens. They’re available through social media giveaways & airdrops.
You can also get them through decentralized exchanges (DEX) on multiple platforms. Setup of the correct trust-line is necessary first.

What is the trust-line info for RIFT Token?
Asset Code: RIFT

How many RIFT Tokens are in existence?
There is only 960,000,000 (960M) RIFT Tokens that will ever exist, this can’t ever be changed unless the community hard forked.

How long do cross-border settlements take to finalize?
Settlements cost as little as $0.0005 & take only 3-5 seconds to complete.

What are ring-signatures?
In the original paper, Riv. , Sham. , & Tauman described ring-signatures a tactic to leak secrets.
An Example, ring-signatures can be providing an anonymous signature from “a high-ranking official”, & not reveal which official signed the message.

How much are transaction fee’s with RIFT Tokens?
Fee’s are almost unnoticeable with RIFT. Transaction cost is as low as 0.00001 XLM for ANY amount.

Are you currently hiring?
We are NOT hiring at the moment.